Core team of Equilibre


CEO, developer and game designer, he codes and develops or leads all of our games and tools.

Stéphane : 3D graphist, he’s really fast, so be precise when you ask: he could deliver before you tought it through ! We are happy to share him with Nyx Squad and NOEGO.

Guillaume : new coder arrived after his internship at Ouat Entertainement, he works mainly on the Hermione project.

Current team add-ons

Axel !

Past team add-ons

Anne-Sophie : Graphist, she was responsible of all that is linked with graphic design. She also lead the sound design, done externally (by Game Audio Factory, you should visit them if you don’t know them yet).


Julie : Marketing executive and communication manager, she was the one you talked to during a year and a half ! From our press release to the posts on forums and social networks, she was everywhere, now we have to do it by ourself.

Viviane : from a near R&D university, she’s working on the big update of the maze kit, our 2D/3D path procedural generator. Coder and big brain !

Terence : from the Bellecour art school of Lyon, he’s creating new visual universes for our games !

Louis : game designer, he’s responsible for our latest project. Always trying to find the best design, he’s always gathering feed back from everyone.

Julien : coder, he’s done a lot of assets in the asset store and is able to create other things that code: ask him anything.

Bastien : C# coder, he learned Unity here, and pretty fast ! He worked on our latest project and tools.

David : graphist and FX specialist, he contributed a lot on Grapes Issue. We also done the last Global Game Jam with him in the team.

William : game developer from the ENJMIN (french video games school), he had to port Grapes Issue on the OUYA.