Where It Begins - version 1.2 - Post Compo Release

This game was developed within two days, for the 10th year anniversary of Ludum Dare jam, and is a special gift for my son, who had his birthday two days before the Ludum Dare.

Your goal is to reach one of the two pink circles at the top end, by avoiding the red ones that will hurt you. You've got 10 millions lives (unfortunately, each hit with a red cell will decrease your life by one million), and you can only move in spurts, forward, forward diagonally or backward.

This release has more feedback when you lose lives and is more responsive, the feel is more dynamic. There's also different ending and the replayability is infinite as it generates more steps each time your reach the end.

Try also the official compo release with the original message !

You can also try some other entries that celebrates Simon's birthday : Corky by Gib, The world of Marcelin by Pitoum, or Tiny toy by Meedoc ! There's a lot of good, awesome or weird games in Ludum Dare, but I can't list them all here, so you'll have to test them all !