Our services

We don’t reinvent the wheels. We maximise the usage of existing tools and like to share best practices.

As an approved training center, we offer dedicated training sessions on what you need : animations, optimisations, user experience, editor or even basics.

We create games for PC, mobile and tablets. We like to use procedural methods to generate levels and tweak them once it’s done to have the right feeling.

We develop PC and mobile applications from your needs, wether it’s a game or a professionnal application.

Enter our french Unity User Group and share best practices with everyone !

The Unity User Group Angoulême meet nearly once a month to share best practices on the video games industry : technical stuff, marketing, game design, student projects, we talk about everything.

Our expertise

How do we make the difference ? We’ve used Unity for 8 years, created processes for software architects and methods for change requests. Beyond that, we’re just normal people. You seek agile methods ? We are agile people.

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